Medical Website Translation Check-Up

Do you have a non-English medical practice or product website?

If you’re marketing to medical tourists and out-of-town clients, your website needs to read clearly, seamlessly and professionally.

It’s all too easy to let critical details and nuance get lost in translation. A regular website editor only solves half your problem.

If you have your website reviewed by an English website writer who understands your business, you can go beyond spelling and grammar to ensure you seem qualified to your ideal foreign, English-speaking clients.

Does your website provide credential equivalencies your clients will recognize to prove your experience and qualifications?

I spend plenty of time on international cosmetic surgery and hair transplant websites. They often appear visually elegant and professional, but the written content misses the mark. Unfortunately, poor wording doesn’t convey trustworthiness and professionalism that motivates the next steps.

To catch the subtle mistakes made when describing your beautiful medical practice to English clients, you need someone who works with them, knows what they’re looking for, and understands your field of practice. Let’s ensure your website copy sounds as flawless in English as it does in your native language.

Luckily, the fix is easy. 

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