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Medical writers know how to craft critical information into layperson’s terms and make sense to readers.

Medical practices often need website pages, emails, newsletters, blog posts and more. It can be challenging to create medical, health and wellness content that captures your company’s voice- plus, practice owners don’t have the time.

Let me help

I’ve been on both sides of the fence and carry the unique perspective of understanding medical sales, advertising regulations, practice management, surgeon’s objectives, patient teaching, support and recovery.

In addition to my nursing diploma and awards for excellence in practice and communication, I hold diplomas in homeopathy and nutrition.

I’m also a certified makeup and Fx artist!

All things integrative medicine and beauty, pique my curiosity, and I sincerely enjoy helping people understand these subjects. A background in fine art rounds out the creative mix, making my perspective unique.

As a medical writer who understands nursing best practices, I know how to source reputable studies and find out what people are asking.

Are you communicating with your customers?

Your patients are talking about your services in forums all over the net. Do you know how well your team is meeting their needs?

Whether you realize it or not, you’re speaking with your clients constantly, everywhere they find you online.

My expertise can help you capitalize on those interactions, encourage your patients to take the next step, and keep the conversation going.

You don’t have time to put all that you offer into words- I do.

Medical writers customize for your practice

A surgical, health or wellness practice needs to meet a high standard through their written content creation, yet this specific skill set isn’t found in content mills.

I’m referring you to a specialist.

Insider perspective

I have the inside scoop as a nurse and patient care coordinator who frequently received questions and feedback my clients were too shy to ask their surgeon. I understood the objections, concerns and critical factors that prompted them to dive in and book the date.

Personal experience

I know firsthand what treatment and recovery feel like as a patient myself. I’ve developed comprehensive patient instruction protocols and had a personal relationship with men and women of all ages through the entire patient journey.

They’ve told me their fears, what they found welcoming on websites, what their consultations with other practitioners were like, what they loved, and what they hated.

They let me know what they’re reading, where they go for advice, and most importantly, what convinced them to choose their treatment.

This is extensive market research, and I can put it to work for you.

With QuillDrive


Use positive language to describe unpleasant realities. Targeted medical marketing builds trust in your team, your knowledge and products.

Overcome aversions to medical care “white coat syndrome.” Your potential patients need to feel comfortable just reading about you.


Use specific, essential medical knowledge and practice experience to talk to your patients. Copywriters can miss the mark in tone and accuracy, plus they can get you in hot water with your regulatory boards if they don’t understand medical ethics in marketing and advertising.

QuillDrive offers familiarity with private practice and facility regulation, an expansive range of treatments and practice guidelines, plus knowledge of marketing/advertising guidelines.

Tap into the patient experience- from their research to consultation, apprehensions to purchase. Keep the lines of communication open throughout recovery and as they write reviews about their experience.

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Send me a note about your project, and I’ll let you know if I can help.

A little about me

A renaissance woman due to my neverending curiosity, I’ve studied a diverse range of topics from fine art to homeopathy, biofeedback to plastic surgery.

An avid reader, I seek out health news and new research findings for fun. I’m particularly interested in patient education, empowerment and advocacy. Today’s patients are right to be skeptical of wild claims, or curious about risks, yet the maze of procedure information, preparation and recovery can be overwhelming and confusing.

I enjoy taking the mystery out of aesthetic, cosmetic and wellness services so more people can access better lives and health. I also love to sell what I’m genuinely interested in, which includes a wide variety of health, beauty, wellness, and antiaging treatments.

In my spare time

I’m a proud mama of a fine young man. Along with gardening, animal therapy, art, fashion, spirituality, décor, and travel, my interests include volunteering with two excellent Toronto organizations, Men Ending Trafficking and GlobalMedic.  

Communication is at the heart of what I’ve done for years. I’ve been privileged to work with practices across Canada and the U.S.

I love what I do.

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