Medical Copywriting

For the health of your practice

Medical “shoppers” aren’t like other customers

Your patients have real concerns and anxieties as they search online. They need to trust you, personally. They need to feel heard and understood.

Your expert care is client-focused; how about your marketing?

Your website and medical blog content is a digital version of your waiting room, not a flashy showcase of products. The words on your website should create a safe, welcoming environment that encourages people to ask questions, relax, learn, and take the next steps.

Medical, health and wellness businesses don’t just need a copywriter; they need a specialist.

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Medical Website SEO Content

Is your website inviting, patient-focused, attractive, and professional? Can your potential customers find precise info and instructions, right at their fingertips? Do those who stop in linger, or bounce away quickly as they arrived? More info

Medical Blog Writing

Do you need a seemingly endless supply of blog topics and articles? Cosmetic surgery blogs, health and beauty blogs, and product case studies can all strengthen your digital presence, bringing web traffic and clients to you.

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Email Response Templates

Professionally polished, pre-written email templates to equip your staff can speed up administration without compromising the quality of care.

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Medical Website Translation Check-up

Do you have a non-English medical practice or product website? If you’re marketing to medical tourists and out-of-town clients, your website needs to read clearly, seamlessly and professionally.

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Quill Drive medical copywriting

Hi, I’m Heather…

I offer medical writing related to beauty, health and wellness. It’s a craft informed by a unique expertise in the fields of aesthetic medicine, cosmetic surgery, holistic and integrative medicine.

With a foundation in nursing, plus over 5 years working alongside cosmetic surgeons and their patients, I have an insider’s appreciation for the dynamics of your client relationships. Whether you need website pages, blogs or other content, I can help you cut through the jargon and build customer trust in a sea of fluffy web pages and beauty blogs.

A strong background in sales, medical marketing strategy, and various writing styles equip me to tell your story, ensure consistent branding, and convert more curious readers into clients.

Dedication to the art of nursing inspires medical copywriting at Quill Drive.

Working with Heather is a pleasure and such an asset to the network of professionals that I work with. She listens to the needs of her client and based on their objective, devises a plan WITH them to ensure they’re set up for success. Heather’s strength as a past project manager for a digital marketing firm allows her to understand the necessary components on not only what to say, but when and where, because she has a holistic vision as opposed to only focusing on one channel – copywriting. This allowed me to really trust her brand strategy, take her advice on SEO and the tone of my website. I recommend Heather for any copywriting and consulting on how it should be implanted.

Sam Song, Growth Solutions

Does creating content for medical advertising make you feel, “icky?”

Can a healthcare organization, cosmetic practice, wellness company, or even a hospital, feel good about investing in advertising to attract patients?

You may think that offering top-tier service is enough, but in the current advertising climate, you can’t opt-out from healthcare marketing.

You DO have a choice to do it ethically, honestly, and with style. Yes, you can feel excellent about the way you reach and convert clients. They’ll feel it too.

If you need dazzling content for your website or blog

Content captures your business story; great content captures clients